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Welcome to North Park's Grade 11 Biology Review Page

This page is dedicated to the honest, hard working North Park Collegiate student that wishes to compare answers.  I think it is only fair that everyone has the oportunity to see what, where, and how someone else got their answers.  Following the links you will find my answers to the unit point questions and page references.  I have not included pictures in the answers due to the fact that I have only a limited amount of space to work with here at Tripod, although it is free, thank you Tripod.  In my answers I have included picture references with page numbers.  I would advise looking at them if you see them in the answers.  It will not be a waste of time.

Also any surfers out there that want to test their knowledge of the study of life can feel free to do so.

Although your biology teacher holds the ultimate descision on your achievement in that class, these are the answers from a current OAC biology student who is no slouch.  However, your teacher is right before I am NO MATTER WHAT!

A Few Personal Tips For Success:

  1. Don't write long answers that you won't remember in your notebook to questions.  During the test you can't use your notebook, and if you can't remember what you wrote you won't do very well.
  2. It is better to understand than to memorize.  Figure stuff out.  See what makes sense to you.  For example, the pathway of an oxygen molecule from the air to your lungs, to the cells in your body, back out to the air should be something that is understood.  When I was in grade 11 the big essay question on the exam was to trace to path of an oxygen molecule through the body.
  3. Know all diagrams.  This requires memorization.  Take the first letter of each word that you have to remember and make a word or saying out of it.  That helped me to remember many things.
  4. Ask questions if unsure about anything.  If you don't ask you won't understand.  Your teacher is conserned about your success, but if you don't approach him/her, he/she can't help you.
Good luck to you this semester.

Units of study:

Cell Structures and Processes

Vertebrate Transport System

Vertebrate Digestive System

Vertebrate Gas Exchange Systems

Bacteria and Viruses

Vertebrate Excretory Systems

An Extra Bonus Just For You